Throughout my graduate training at the University of Pennsylvania, I gained substantial experience teaching and mentoring an exceptional group of students. In addition to serving as a teaching assistant, I also guest lectured frequently on feminist approaches in International Relations.

I earned a Certificate in College and University Teaching from the Penn Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

Introduction to International Relations

Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2016. (Prof. Edward Mansfield)

US Foreign Policy

Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2017. (Prof. Michael C. Horowitz)

War, Strategy, and Politics

Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2017. (Prof. Michael C. Horowitz)

International Ethics

Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2018. (Prof. Michael Pollack)

  • Guest lecture “Feminist Approaches in International Ethics"

Sex and Power

Guest lecture, "Feminist Approaches in International Relations and the Feminist Peace," University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2018, Fall 2018. (Prof. Dawn Langan Teele)

fullsizeoutput d83b US Foreign Policy Recitation Debate (Courtesy of PSCI 131 202)

Selected Comments from Teaching Evaluations

Full evaluations available upon request

"She was an incredible TA. Not only helped everyone in the recitation understand the topics more, but also made the material more interesting by having class debates and bringing in current events." (Fall 2016)

"Shira was a really excellent TA. She was really engaging and supportive of people's comments, and clearly was very knowledgeable about the subject matter... She made me really want to work hard in this class because participating felt so rewarding. Usually in recitations I just want to speak in class to get the necessary participation points, but this recitation really felt like a discussion where I could figure out how to articulate my views on important subjects, which I feel like will continue to benefit me going forward." (Spring 2017)

"Shira was an amazing TA and individual - she made the recitations stimulating, fun, and educational. Outside of recitations, she is very receptive and easy to reach." (Spring 2017)

"Best TA I had this semester. Did a good job repackaging the weeks material to emphasize what was important." (Fall 2017)

"Probably one of the best TAs I've had. She's so passionate about the subject and clearly enjoys the recitations as much as we do." (Fall 2017)

"absolutely hands down one of the BEST instructors/TAs at Penn." (Fall 2017)

"Overall, Shira Pindyck was one of the best TAs I ve had. Her teaching style was very effective and clear. She always took time to make sure that everyone understood the material presented in class and also gave us the opportunity to formulate our own arguements and make new connevtions to the information. She was very approachable and personable, always responding to emails quickly and willing to schedule extra office hours/meetings with students to make sure everyone got the help that they needed. Her dedication and knowledge on the subject made her a huge asset to the overall quality of the course, and I felt that I was extremely lucky to be able to take the class during the semester that she taught." (Fall 2018)

"Shira was amazing! She did an excellent job engaging the entire class. This was the first time I have been in a recitation in which all students were passionate to participate, largely thanks to Shira's inviting approach to the class." (Spring 2018)

"Shira was an exemplary TA. I could tell she really cared that we understood the material and succeeded." (Spring 2018)

"I feel very lucky to have taken the class with her as I believe it greatly improved my experience in this course. I would take any other course that she TA ed for or taught, and I would highly recommend taking a class with her to any of my peers." (Spring 2018)

"Shira was a TOUGH TA, but she was one of the best I've ever had. She breathed life into material that was dry, took already interesting content to the next level, and instilled a deeper understanding of the coursework in all of her students. Knowledgeable and a joy to learn from, Shira deserves high marks in all categories." (Spring 2018)

"Amazing classroom environment to debate and learn in." (Spring 2018)